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Sinopsis Sinetron Nada Cinta Episode 24

The judges along with the students from Tunas Bangsa and Pembangunan High School are all on stage. The MC will soon announce the winner of the singing competition.

Rina goes backstage. Whilst walking there, Susan looks at her full of anger and frustration.

Ricky stops his car in front of Rina's house. Siska and her friends sing and tease Ricky and Nada. Nada is embarrassed.

Faris comes from a rich family and is in a relationship with Rina, a music teacher from an average family. Faris's father, Tirta, disapproves of their relationship and he forces Faris to marry Nia. Meanwhile, Rina is pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl. Nia's younger sister then kidnaps the baby and leaves her at an orphanage.

16 years later, Nada, the baby who was left at an orphanage by Nia's sister, has grown to be a beautiful teenager who loves music very much. She wishes to meet her parents in spite of not knowing where they are. She then runs away to Jakarta. Upon arriving at Jakarta, she almost meets with an accident but is saved by Rina. Unfortunately this doesn't make mother and daughter close.

Nada then becomes friends with the street beggars and they open a small stall in front of a grand school. As it turns out, Rina is the music teacher there.

Nada then meets with Rina again. Their attraction for music slowly makes them get closer to one another. Meanwhile, Ricky, the school's favourite student, is impressed by Nada's singing. This makes Rasty, Ricky's girlfriend, jealous and she wishes to destroy and get rid off Nada.

It gets known then that Rasty is the daughter of Faris and Nia. Will Rasty and Nada fight for Ricky's love as their parents had done before? Or will this make Faris get back with Rina??

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